French Link Building

High authority links from other relevant websites

The French SEO Team will create quality English &/or French links to your website with original and well-written content.

We ensure links are placed on high Domain Authority sites (this is now more accurate than PageRank) and  guarantee that your links will not be placed on sites that contain adult content, nofollow tags, hidden links or be paid for or sponsored.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, we only utilize white hat techniques.

Canadian & French Directory Submissions

As part of our Canada or France marketing service, we offer a directory submissions service.  All site submissions will be placed on multi-lingual directories or popular French directories that show French results on separate pages. Your website will be submitted to relevant categories and include a variety of Titles and Descriptions; this is a good way to advertise your website as it creates more diversity and guarantees all links appear natural and organic.   Our database includes a list of good directories in different countries, so for a Canadian SEO campaign, say, we will submit your site to Canadian directories first.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

As part of our French website promotion package, we will submit your website to the top 40+ multilingual and French search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.  If you're looking to attract business from just one country, we will also tell Google the target country (e.g. Canada).  This will help your site's SEO in Canada (meaning you will appear higher for searches from

Once your website is indexed, it remains indexed. You don’t have to worry about resubmitting your website to Yahoo or Google because they will automatically update their index and find new content.

French Article Writing and Niche Submissions

With our French article writing and niche submission service, all articles will be thoroughly researched and written by a fluent, native French speaking SEO copywriter.   We guarantee unique, high-quality content that’s interesting and easy to read.  We approach webmasters with sites in the same niche as yours to ensure that the articles are published on relevant, quality sites.  This will drive unique traffic to your site for years to come.

SEO Translation and Content Writing

Our content is original, well researched and written by a fluent, native speaker.  We write a good variety of marketing text for all the link building content and can also provide English to French translations and proof reading if required.  Whether you're searching for "SEO France", "French SEO" or for other link building and Search Engine Optimization services, we can provide you with a service which generates significant results quickly and has a long-term benefit.  All our SEO is compliant with Google's guidelines, including the Google Penguin update.