Website optimization in France

On-page SEO

Our on-page SEO service begins with an SEO audit, using a range of tools to identify broken links, 404 errors and other issues. Our SEO consultant will then manually review numerous ranking factors, which we will fix in order of priority. As part of the audit, we complete keyword research to identify achievable, high traffic keywords.

Once the audit is complete and a strategy in place, a qualified French copywriter will create, translate or optimise content as needed, following best SEO practice.

Responsive website designUser-experience optimisation

For a site to rank well, it must have good user-experience. Factors include page speed, having a responsive design, and being easy to navigate. Our web design experts will ensure your site loads quickly and looks great on mobiles, tablets and desktops.


English to French SEO translationFrench SEO Translation

If you have a multilingual site, we can transcreate content - optimising it for SEO and adapting it to a French audience. This includes optimising Meta Titles and Descriptions, a crucial element to rank well on French search engines. 


Multilingual marketingMultilingual SEO

As part of Indigoextra, we also offer SEO in English, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. Read more about our multilingual SEO services on