Manual Submissions

An easy and effective way to build new links to a site is to manually submit to French directories. At French SEO Team, we have established a database of 900 French directories, which we regularly update to add new directories and remove any that have lost their reputation with Google.  Each directory is based on reliability and we make sure your time and money is not wasted on ineffective link building. Most of all, we research each French directory and regularly keep our directory record updated.

Our French SEO professionals will manually submit your site to our list of French directories, which includes many high PageRank sites (often PR4 and higher).

You can have peace of mind in knowing your website will be submitted to the most relevant category. We also include a variety of Titles and Descriptions, to make it more diverse. We find this method helps site links appear more natural and it’s more effective in increasing your position with and other French search engines.

SEO Advantages

Our French SEO team has created a brief list of advantages of hiring SEO professionals to submit your website to French directories:

  • Receive a higher position in the French search engine results.
  • Affordable method of SEO.
  • French directory submissions helps send targeted traffic to your site.
  • French search engines count the amount of inbound links to your website. They also take into account the directories you receive one-way inbound links.
  • Many French directories will permit the anchor text you choose. It also improves search engine rankings by allowing webmasters to enter a site title with keywords.

If your website hasn't yet been indexed by, or other search engines in France, then this service will also get your site indexed faster, as many search engines constantly scan the internet to identify new sites to include in their results.