Links that boost your traffic and your SEO

If you're looking for high quality, high authority, relevant links to your French website, then you may have discovered that very few companies offer this service.  Indeed, the French translate 'SEO' as 'Référencement' which literally means 'Referencing' - basically submitting your site to directories for them to be referenced.  While this is a valid SEO strategy, it's also important to gain links to your site from other other mainstream websites in order to create a link building campaign that's fully effective.

When SEO first started quality and relevance weren't top priority, however as search engines have got smarter, this is no longer the case.  French search engines now count relevance and quality of inbound links as a major factor and Google's algorithm is increasingly complex.  As a result, building links is more complex, particularly if you're looking for French links and French isn't your first language.  Hiring a professional French SEO company is a wise decision because it will help you build visibility with the French search engines.

At French SEO Team, our focus on link building could be more accurately described as content marketing.  We don't simply try to get a link on another site, instead we create meaningful content in the form of articles, infographics, quotagraphics, dedicated social media profiles that we update regularly, etc.  We can also create great content for your website, to encourage others to spontaneously link to it.

We will create links with a variety of anchor texts and descriptions (to ensure links look natural and organic), including links we anchor text like 'click here' or the URL, to ensure that our campaigns comply with Google Hummingbird and Google Penguin.

High Domain Authority Links

We use 3 measures to determine the quality of links, ensuring that every guest post is placed on sites that have true value. These are:

  • Moz's Domain Authority - We guarantee 25 or higher.
  • TrustFlow - We guarantee 17 or higher
  • Traffic - We guarantee at least 1,000 visits a month.

If you have specific requirements other than these, don't hesitate to ask.

Taking into account these 3 different factors sets us apart from our competitors and ensures low quality sites don't accidentally slip through the net.