What is PPC?

PPC (Pay Per Click) offers huge growth potential to your internet marketing.  Basically, adverts for your company are placed on Google when someone searches for a related term and on strategically selected websites and you only pay for the advertisement when someone clicks on it to visit your site.   French PPC obviously gives you greater visibility in the French or Canadian markets, but you may be an international company, with markets in England, Spain or Germany, for instance, which is where multilingual PPC is essential.

French PPC

How does French PPC work?

Using Google Adwords, which is the largest PPC system in France, gives you higher visibility in search results through Google.  It has the added advantage of letting your company appear on other niche sites in Google’s Display Network, including blogs and news sites.  Bing and Yahoo also offer French PPC schemes and we can help manage your campaigns for all three search engines.

For your PPC campaign to be successful and give a worthwhile return on your investment, there are a number of important factors to consider, which include the following:

  • Identifying the most suitable potential customers to target, (such as their location and likely interest in your products and services).
  • Targeting the most appropriate keywords (this is critical, as it is the searches for these keywords which will generate income.)
  • Deciding the most relevant landing pages for different products and services and developing discrete Ad groups for each of these, with individual styles of text or images in the ads for different goals.
  • Creating striking, attractive ads in different languages for both your French PPC campaign and for English, Spanish or German PPC campaigns as necessary.  Including high impact graphic ads will also ensure that your company reaches more of Google’s Display Network.
  • Identifying a suitable geographic range (e.g. if you have a shop in Montpellier, it’s probably wisest for your ad to only appear for people searching for it near Montpellier, whereas if you’re looking to target a wider audience you may want it to appear anywhere in France, or internationally).
  • Whilst the three search engines all have different criteria for their PPC schemes, Google also uses an Ad Quality scoring system; a high score in this can help to lower the cost of each click, making the campaign more cost effective.

How can we help with your PPC campaign in France or Canada?

PPC Company in FranceFrench SEO Team comes under the umbrella of its parent company Indigoextra Ltd, which has many years’ experience in analysing its clients’ internet markets and advising on the most appropriate marketing campaigns.  We understand how vital the detailed and thorough early analysis is in producing the best results for our clients when providing PPC services in France, Canada or internationally.

For all our PPC work we use native French speakers to write the content for the critically important short text ads, just as we use native speakers of other languages for multinational clients, where needed.    When Google imposes a limit of 25 characters, including spaces, for the title and two lines with a maximum of 35 characters each for the ad text, it is obviously something of a challenge to make sure that the text has a real impact, includes the best keywords and a call-to-action message, so that potential customers will want to click on it and find out more.   All our content writers enjoy this challenge and have wide experience in the field of internet marketing.

We can also provide skilled, experienced graphic designers who can create attractive graphic ads to raise your profile further.

What’s involved at the beginning?

The first stage of your PPC campaign is the consultation process where we analyse your website to identify ways in which the Google Ad’s Quality Score can be improved, making it more likely that you will achieve a cost effective success with your advertising.  Using the most current Google algorithms, our experienced team will provide overall site feedback, including comments on the design, navigability, user-friendliness and suggested modifications to headings, titles and URLs if appropriate.  Identifying keywords, including negative keywords (where you don’t want your ads to appear as this would cost money) is a vital part of French and multilingual PPC.  Following the completion of this analysis we provide a report on potential improvements to your site, so that you can gain the most success with your PPC campaign.

Our ongoing PPC services

Nor does the work stop once the initial PPC campaign has been launched.  French SEO Team has a dedicated group, including market analysts and a project manager, looking after your interests on an ongoing basis.  We will continue to do everything we can to manage your PPC campaign to select the best choice of keywords for the most cost effective use of your investment.  This includes:

  • Regular monitoring of your campaign to identify which keywords are producing the best results, and adjusting them as necessary to improve the click through rate;
  • Specifying negative keywords plus keyword phrases and those which should be exact match, together with removing keywords if deemed appropriate;
  •  Advising on whether your budget should be increased or reduced for different Ad groups or products;
  • Editing the text in the ads, with ongoing monitoring of their effectiveness;
  • Advising on budget allocation for multilingual PPC as appropriate.

If the Ads are all performing well, we will instead provide other PPC management services, such as designing new image or text Ads, or making other changes to your French PPC campaign to expand it further.