French infographic design and marketing

Using an infographic for your marketing in France or Canada can be an unusual and interesting way of attracting business. To be successful, it needs each of these aspects:

  • Careful research
  • An attractive and appealing design
  • Well-written, relevant content
  • Marketing in a professional way

With French SEO Team, you can be sure that the copywriters and designers are both involved at all stages of the infographic creation, so that the final images and text are interesting, relevant and complementary with each other.

Infographics – a different way of marketing

A picture paints a thousand words, so using a graphic image to give information (the source of the word “infographic”) enables you to be far more informative in your marketing, whilst having a visual appeal that can be presented in many different ways.  The range of topics available to you is endless, including:

  • Displaying statistics in the form of a graph, as a chart, or snippets of text and figures
  • Offering an alternative method for decision making in the form of a flow chart
  • Providing a guide on how to do something relevant to your business in France or Canada
  • Giving a glimpse of a particular service, product or brand that you offer, or an insight into your company as a whole
  • Showing some fascinating historical facts about your industry, or the development of a specific product, or the way an idea has evolved

Getting it right

When an infographic is created for marketing purposes and French SEO it is essential that the information is accurate and not exaggerated, or it loses credibility. An exaggeration frequently seen is that we process images many thousand times faster than text, when, in fact, it is just 4 to 12 times faster.

What to include as written content

One of the great things about using Infographics as a marketing tool, especially for French SEO, is that they not only give “info” in a “graphic” way, but can also weave a story into the design.  As for any good story, it is therefore recommended that you have an introduction, the main content or message, then a conclusion.

A good infographic will be shared on different websites, giving you the marketing opportunity you wanted.  A word of warning, however: content that is too obviously sales orientated is unlikely to be interesting and any “must buy now” message is likely to fail.  A better approach might be to include information about a few products, with a guide about their different uses, which potential customers or clients could find helpful. The difference in approach is subtle – but important!

At French SEO Team we present information in short sections, often with bullet points or tables, as these can be more easily complemented by an easy to read, attractive design.

French SEO Team’s approach to graphic design

For an infographic to successfully attract visitors’ attention, it is essential that it is beautifully designed, with your company being presented in a professional way.  You might consider including any of the following as part of your design:

  • Timelines of facts or developments
  • Tables of relevant data
  • Flowcharts – perhaps of a production process
  • Interesting photographs
  • Attractive illustrations and images
  • Historic or present-day maps

The French SEO Team designs each infographic:

  • To have a colour scheme reflecting our client’s own marketing – logo, corporate colours and website, so that the branding is reinforced
  • At least 1000px width, for impact (this will be resized for different websites based on their maximum width)
  • A background pattern or colour, which is the preference for most people who surf the web
  • Interesting combinations of text and images in sufficient quantity for the infographic to be dynamic
  • A carefully selected font size so that the text can still be read even if the infographic is being displayed on a smaller screen. (We occasionally have to reduce the infographic to 700px width for some websites)

Marketing with Infographics

There are many image sharing websites and, of course, social media sites, which we use to market our infographics and for our French SEO in France and Canada.  We also encourage our clients to help with this marketing by including their infographics:

  • On their social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter
  • On a page, or a discrete section, of their own website
  • As a display poster, where they can have a real impact
  • As a guide for customers in offices and shops

As an experienced, professional French SEO company, we keep up to date with current search engine requirements and preferences.  Google, for instance, insists on unique text comments, so we always write a number of unique descriptions, with titles, which accompany each of our infographic submissions.  Our clients also receive reports of where the infographics have been shared.

And finally

We have found that infographics, with carefully-researched, interesting content and attractive images, help our clients achieve success with their SEO campaigns, because they are shared with a wide audience.  We always have the overall message and the company’s image in mind when we create any of our infographics, to ensure that the end result is a beautiful design, with interesting content that displays the message our clients want.