Are you looking to increase your traffic and sales in France? Is ranking high for specific keywords a challenge?

The French SEO Team, part of Indigoextra, have 20 years experience helping clients generate French traffic that converts. Our on-page SEO service looks at 3 essential elements:

  • Design Optimization - If you have an attractively designed website, with clear navigation options (and a clear checkout process for e-commerce websites), then this will encourage visitors to stay on your website and complete the desired action (whether that is to complete a contact form, email you, order a product, click an advert or simply to gain the information that your website provides).
  • Visitor Conversion - Our SEO content is all written by fluent speakers who understand the psychology of website visitors. Content will therefore be well written and appropriate to the topic and aim of your website (to educate, to sell, to support, etc.)
  • France SEO Rankings - If your website contains the appropriate keywords / phrases the correct number of times in the appropriate sections of each page, then this sends a clear message to search engines in France informing them what your website is about.  By optimizing your website for the important search terms, it will appear higher in the search results for your target keywords.  This is the primary purpose of website optimization.

Our French SEO Team will do an analysis of your site and offer ways of boosting your conversion rates and improving your position with search engines, so you receive more contacts. Our on-site Website Optimization service will bring your company in France into the forefront and help you generate new business. Our French SEO process consists of analysing 20 different elements on the important pages of your site, plus it explores generic SEO factors that affect every page.  We optimize the following factors:

  • Keyword use in Metatags (Title, Description and Keywords)
  • Search for missing information on your site that could prevent a sale.
  • Search for any off-putting language on your site (e.g. if content is overly sales orientated).
  • Check the keyword density.
  • Keyword use in same site and outbound link texts.