Let Your Image Do the Talking

In the ever-changing world of Internet marketing, businesses are constantly seeking ways to have the edge over their competitors.  French Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) uses many techniques to achieve high page rankings for websites.  This means that potential customers are more likely to click onto your site when they’re looking for a particular service.

What is it, though, that persuades them to look further into the services you offer?  What makes the difference so that they stay with your site, rather than going to the next one suggested by Google.fr or other French search engines?  Often, the most compelling reason for a visitor to explore a website is the initial impact of the visual presentation.  Attractive, innovative graphics, whether in the logo, banner ads or overall website design, encourage further investigation of your company.  There is a well-known saying that “a picture paints a thousand words” and this is especially true in the highly competitive world of Internet marketing, where there is an almost unlimited access to services, not just in France but in other French speaking countries worldwide.

The images and overall presentation of your website tell a story about the services you offer.  Why waste this vital opportunity to make an immediate impact?  How do you go about creating the best images that reflect your business?  Where do you start?  Using a specialist company such as 1 Website Designer, the other face of French SEO Team takes the pressure off you.  With a team dedicated to providing exciting, attractive website designs that will enhance your site, encourage visitors to the site and help your business to grow.  Click to view sample websites.

Few companies can afford the luxury of employing their own graphic designers, so we have built up a team to provide that service for you.  We are happy to offer the full range of graphic work, from creating an imaginative logo or header, to a full website design or promotional illustration.

Promotional Illustrations

Promotional Illustrations can be used in articles or links to enhance your SEO campaign.  Whether you want a simple static image or interactive Flash animation, we can work with you and produce the image that paints the “thousand words”.  Why not give us a try?  If you like what we do and find that visitors to your site are increasing, you may want to expand into a whole series of Flash animations, for instance.  The interactive nature of these animations opens up new opportunities to entice visitors to your site, hold their interest and become clients.  Let us inspire you!