French Social Media

Social Media websites like Facebook and Twitter have taken the world by storm and are now some of the most visited websites internationally.  France is no exception, with Facebook being the second most visited website in France (second only to Google).

These provide an ideal opportunity to reach a wider target audience with many people spending hours a week on social media sites.  Search Engines are also increasingly valuing links to your site from social media websites, using this as part of their algorithm to assess how popular a website is.


SMO (Short for Social Media Optimization) is the process of generating bookmarks, Google Plus links and likes from a range of social networking sites in order to assist your website's SEO or ranking with search engines.

The French SEO Team offer the following SMO services.

Social bookmarking

Creating new profiles on a range of social media sites to promote your business, or adding bookmarks to the French versions of popular international sites (such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus), or dedicated French sites.

Blog writing

Increasingly Google can distinguish between high quality content and content that is just thrown together.  To ensure your website has unique, quality content, we are offering a blog writing service with content for your own site, or your Facebook profile, or for SMO on other sites. 

Many business owners don’t have time to maintain their own blog, therefore this is a service that we can provide on an ongoing basis if required (e.g. a new blog posting every week). Content will be well researched, up-to-date and written by a fluent French speaker, then carefully proofread.

Content will be relevant to your business and target your client base (whether France, Canada, international French speakers or a local area, such as Paris).